Recent Scholarship: Early Shīʽism and Islamic Intellectual History

Here is a round up of recent books on Islamic studies published by Gorgias Press:

Fâtima, Daughter of Muḥammad by Christopher Paul Clohessy

“But from the shadows of history and the pages of ancient Arabic texts emerges the picture of a startling and distinctive woman who, far from living on the peripheries of Islam’s beginnings, is deeply embedded in the politics, intrigue and profound religious sentiments of her time.”

Half of my Heart: The Narratives of Zaynab, Daughter of ʿAlî by Christopher Paul Chlohessy

“There she would remain for a few historic days, challenging the wickedness of the Islamic leadership, defending the actions of her brother, initiating the commemorative rituals, protecting and nurturing the new Imâm … until he could take his rightful place.”

Studying the Near and Middle East at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton,1935-2018 edited by Sabine Schmidtke

“The second part of the volume consists of essays and short studies by IAS scholars, past and present, covering fields such as the ancient Near East and early Islamic history, the Bible and the Qurʾān, Islamic intellectual history within and beyond denominational history, Arabic and other Semitic languages and literatures, Islamic religious and legal practices, law and society, the Islamic West, the Ottoman world, Iranian studies, the modern Middle East, and Islam in the West.”

Materials for the Intellectual History of Imami Shiism in the Safavid Period: A Facsimile Edition of Ms New York Public Library, Arabic Manuscripts Collections, Volume 51985A edited by Sabine Schmidtke

“… belongs to the Shīʿī material among the collection. It is a heavily damaged multitext codex of 252 leaves which which comprises seven individual works …”