Recent Scholarship: Special Journal Issue on Khulʿ

The latest issue of Brill’s Islamic Law and Society explores khulʿ practices in the modern world. Khulʿ is a type of Islamic divorce procedure. Although it usually refers to a type of divorce initiated by the wife, the articles below highlight many regional differences, including in the role of the husband and the role of the judiciary in approving the divorce.

Khulʿ: Local Contours of a Global Phenomenon (open-access) by Nadia Sonneveld and Erin Stiles

“It is Your Right to Buy a Divorce”: Judicial Khuluu in Zanzibar by Erin E. Stiles

Khulʿ Divorce in the Netherlands: Dutch Muslim Women Seeking Religious Divorce by Esther Van Eijk

Khul‘ over the longue durée: the decline of traditional fiqh-based divorce mechanisms in Indonesian legal practice by Stijn Cornelis van Huis

The Practice of Khulʿ in Germany: Pragmatism versus Conservativism (open-access) by Mahmoud Jaraba

Extra-Judicial Khulʿ Divorce in India’s Muslim Personal Law by Sylvia Vatuk

Divorce Reform in Egypt and Morocco: Men and Women Navigating Rights and Duties (open-access) by Nadia Sonneveld

The latest issue of SSRN’s Islamic Law & Law of the Muslim World eJournal also includes:

Europe and the Ummah: A Legal Inquiry on the Condition of the Muslim Community in a Transforming Continent by Giancarlo Anello

This article examines recent decisions by Italian courts that found that regional laws restricting the building of mosques and requiring religious services to be performed in Italian were unconstitutional.