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Call for Nominations: Islamic Law and Society CRN of the Law and Society Association, February 9, 2024

February 9

Nominations are now open for leadership of the Islamic Law and Society CRN of the Law and Society Association.

As specified in the CRN by-laws, all members of the CRN may submit nominations, including self-nominations.

  1. Elections and Voting

The current co-Chairs will call for nominations in January of the election year (hereinafter “election year”). All members of the CRN (Section IV) may submit nominations, including self nominations. The elections of the CRN shall be carried out in March of the final year of the current officers’ term. The two nominees who receive the highest and second highest number of votes will be elected co-Chairs. The term of the officers shall be three years, and there shall be no consecutive term. Officers shall assume their responsibilities on the last day of the annual meeting of the LSA of the election year. Only members of the CRN are eligible to be officers of the CRN. Only members are eligible to vote in the elections and on by-law changes (Section V).

Nominations can be sent to lhost@library.ucla.edu and Mona.Oraby@howard.edu by Friday, February 9.