The Islamic Law Blog publishes weekly roundups to keep our followers abreast of the latest news, developments and scholarship relating to Islamic law. To that end, we offer six ongoing weekly roundups, with one retired roundup:

(1) Islam and Data Science Roundup: a list of scholarship, surveys, statistical studies, and other material that employ data science on any matter pertaining to Islam and Islamic law.
(2) Field Guide to Islamic Law Online: a weekly list introducing two online resources of Islamic law, ranging from e-archives to e-libraries, from digitized personal collections to online depositories of first and secondary sources on Islamic law.
(3) Weekend Scholarship Roundup: a list of newly-published scholarship on all subjects relating to Islamic law, ranging from books and articles to shorter opinion pieces and other audio-visual mediums.
(4) Islamic Law in the News Roundup: a summary of developments in Islamic law from across the globe.
(5) Cases and Fatwās Roundup: a list of court cases, decrees and other opinions relating to Islamic law issued by legal authorities, Islamic institutions, and jurists.
(6) Scholar Updates Roundup: a list of recent professional developments of scholars of Islamic law.
(7) Retired: COVID-19 and Islamic Law Roundup: a list of COVID-19-related developments in Muslim-majority countries and among Islamic communities from March 2020 through December 2022. Related to this particular roundup is our Mapping COVID-19 Fatwās project, which compiles and discusses various Islamic legal opinions issued all across the globe on the pandemic and how Muslims ought to conduct themselves in the fight against it.