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Princeton Qur’an Symposium: April 9-10, 2021

April 9 - April 10

From the organizers:

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Princeton Qur’an Symposium
April 9-10th 2021

Friday, April 9th

Symposium Introduction

Panel 1 – Qur’an, Hermeneutics and Power
10:00am -11:45 am

Ash Geissinger
‘Rather, blessed is the one who reads the Book of God and obeys what is in it’: The transmission of the Qur’an and gendered memories.

Devin Stewart
Notes on Speech Genres in the Qur’an

Walid Saleh
Suras betwixt and between: Early Medinan Suras

Break 11:45am – 12noon

Panel 2 – Performing the Qur’an
12noon – 1:15pm

Rizwan Zamir
Shi‘ite Qur‘anic Elucidations in Twentieth Century South Asia: The Case of Sayyidul ‘Ulama (d.1988)

Lauren Osborne
A Theory of Qur’anic Orality

Saturday, April 10th

Panel 3 – The Qur’an and Literary Sensibilities
10:00am -11:45 am

Ali Karjoo-Ravary
Weaving the Qur’an into the King’s Presence: The Qur’an and Royal Chronicles

Emmanuelle Stefanidis
In search of chronology: theological, historical and literary approaches to qur‘anic temporality

William Sherman
In the Name of the Name of God: Oaths, Rhymes, and Repetitions in Examples of Qur’anic Imitation

Break 11:45am – 12noon

Panel 4 The Qur’an and Textual Play, and Symposium Closing
12noon – 1:15pm

Kristin Sands
Rambunctious Readings and Textual Play: Creative Encounters with the Qur’an.

Tehseen Thaver
Negotiating Language and Revelation in Early Islam

Event Sponsors:
Department of ReligionCenter for the Study of ReligionUniversity Center for Human ValuesCouncil of the HumanitiesNear Eastern Studies


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