Recent Scholarship: Jackson on Gender in Islamic Studies

In the most recent issue of the American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences, SHARIAsource Senior Scholar Sherman Jackson wrote about the responsibilities of male scholars in acknowledging the perspectives and experiences of Muslim women:

“The Alchemy of Domination, 2.0?”


In her critical essay, “The Omnipresent Male Scholar,” Professor Kecia Ali sets out to call attention to what she sees as the hegemonic privileging of the male scholarly perspective and the need to replace this with an academic landscape more reflective and accommodating of the experiences and scholarly vantage points of women. To this end, she profiles the works of several (Muslim) men in Islamic Studies (myself included) and highlights the various ways in which they omit, overlook, undervalue, or dismiss the topic of women or the scholarly views and interventions of female scholars. … The present essay aims to respond to Professor Ali’s assessment of my work, most specifically Islam and the Blackamerican (and to a lesser extent, Islam and the Problem of Black Suffering) alongside some of the broader issues she raises as part of her general critique.

Read Jackson’s article here.