Field Guide to Islamic Law Online

The Field Guide to Islamic Law Online, in the form of a Google document, is a collection of resource links and annotations to SHARIAsource and other Harvard resources, global online digital resources, and a robust “Digital Islamic Law Collection.” We recently added exciting resources to this list:

  • The Ḥaram Sharīf Documents contain “[p]hotographs of approximately 900 Islamic documents, some at least 600 years old, discovered in 1974 and 1975. The documents were photographed in 1978 by a team of researchers from the Islamic Studies Institute at McGill University. The collection is described in A catalogue of the Islamic documents from al-Ḥaram aš-Šarif in Jerusalem, by Donald P. Little, who was a member of the team of researchers.”
  • Bibliotecha Arabica “is dedicated to research on Arabic literatures dating from the years 1150 to 1850 CE, and combines literary and manuscript studies. Within this defined period of investigation, Bibliotheca Arabica focusses on literary production, transmission, and reception, and sets these in relation to the political and social transformations that were taking place at that time. By reconstructing the transmission and distribution of manuscripts and the mobility of scholars, the transregional perspective will go beyond the famous centres of Arabic literary production—namely Egypt, Syria, and Anatolia—to regions as diverse and far-flung as the Indian subcontinent, sub-Saharan Africa, and Southern Europe. Although the project is dedicated to literatures in Arabic, it also takes into account the embeddedness of Arabic cultural production in the multilingual textual environments of the Islamicate world. Project Period: 2018 – 2035.”

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