Recent Scholarship: Fadel on Human Rights

The Atlantic Council think tank recently published a report called The Islamic Tradition and the Human Rights Discourse“a collection of thought provoking articles that aim to elevate the conversation on Islam and human rights beyond the confines of ‘compatibility.'” One of the articles was written by SHARIAsource Senior Scholar Mohammad Fadel:

“Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Islamic Happiness: Islam and Human Rights”

Instead of looking at the central issue between Islam and human rights as one of identifying commonalities and conflicts, and then attempting to find principled grounds for the resolution of those conflicts, [this article] will explore why we cannot expect—nor should we desire—a complete reconciliation between Islam and human rights norms. Indeed, such an expectation misidentifies the proper role of human rights and religion in establishing the conditions for flourishing human societies.

The article is available here.