Mahmood Kooria holds research positions at Leiden University (the Netherlands) and University of Bergen (Norway), and is a Visiting Faculty of History at Ashoka University (India). Earlier he was a postdoctoral research fellow at the International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS) and African Studies Centre (ASC), Leiden; Dutch Institute in Morocco (NIMAR), Rabat. He completed his PhD at the Leiden University Institute for History on the circulation of Islamic legal ideas and texts across the Indian Ocean and Mediterranean worlds. He has authored Islamic Law in Circulation: Shāfiʿī texts across the Indian Ocean and Mediterranean (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming), and coedited with Sanne Ravensbergen, Islamic Law in the Indian Ocean Worlds: Texts, Ideas and Practices (Routledge, 2021) and with Michael Pearson, Malabar in the Indian Ocean World: Cosmopolitanism in a Maritime Historical Region (Oxford University Press, 2018). He has also published in several peer-reviewed journals such as the Annales: Histoire, Sciences SocialesJournal of the Economic and Social History of the OrientLaw & History ReviewOxford Journal of Law and ReligionItinerario: Journal of Imperial and Global Interactions; and Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society.

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