Dina is a senior lecturer and Head of Department of the International Relations Department in the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences in the State Islamic University, Jakarta, where she also served as Deputy Director for the Centre for the Study of Islam and Society. Dina worked for the Asia Foundation, Jakarta, supporting Indonesian legal reform under the Australia-Indonesia Partnership for Justice for almost two years. She was an Endeavour Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Melbourne Law School in 2013-2014 and is a Research Fellow for the Gender, Religion and Law in Muslim Societies Program at the Centre for Social Difference, Columbia University. Dina is a Board Member of the Council for Asian Transnational Threat Research (CATR), the Institute for Defence Analysis and an Associate at the Centre for Indonesian Law, Islam and Society (CILIS) at Melbourne Law School. She is the editor of Studia Islamika, an Indonesian Journal for Southeast Asian Islam. Her research focuses on gender and politics, Islamic education, international development, international relations and women’s rights in Muslim societies. Dina received her MA and PhD from Melbourne University.