Recent Scholarship: Islam and Irish Law

A new book published last month by Brill, Minority Religions under Irish Law: Islam in National and International Context, edited by Kathryn O’Sullivan (University of Limerick), examines how minority religions in general – and Islam in particular – fit into the legal and policy context in Ireland. The chapters address high-profile issues such as marriage recognition, so-called sharīʿa councils, and Islamic finance.

Here’s the publisher’s description:

Minority Religions under Irish Law focuses the spotlight specifically on the legal protections afforded in Ireland to minority religions, generally, and to the Muslim community, in particular. Although predominantly focused on the Irish context, the book also boasts contributions from leading international academics, considering questions of broader global importance such as how to create an inclusive environment for minority religions and how to regulate religious tribunals best. Reflecting on issues as diverse as the right to education, marriage recognition, Islamic finance and employment equality, Minority Religions under Irish Law provides a comprehensive and fresh look at the legal space occupied by many rapidly growing minority religions in Ireland, with a special focus on the Muslim community.

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