Islamic Law at the American Oriental Society Annual Meeting: Session Roundup

The 2022 American Oriental Society Annual Meeting will be held in Boston between March 18 – 21, 2022. The meeting will be held at the Omni Parker House Hotel, 60 School Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02108 USA.

The Islamic Law Blog has curated below a list of panels relating to Islamic law.  For a full list of all panels, consult the AOS’s calendar here.


  • The panel entitled “Philosophy and Exegesis” (March 18, 2022 @ 1:00 – 3:30 pm) will be moderated by Ahmed El Shamsy (University of Chicago) and will feature Aseel Alfataftah (Yale University) with a submission on “The Debate on Women Prophecy in Islam: Its Contexts and theConstruction of Knowledge.”


  • The panel entitled “Manuscripts” (March 18, 2022 @ 4:00 – 5:00 pm) will be moderated by Frank Griffel (Yale University) and will feature Mohammad Sadegh Ansari (State University of New York College at Geneseo) with a submission on “Science in the Margins: Using Digital Humanities Tools to Study the Marginalia of Two Manuscripts on the Science of Music from Medieval Islamic World.”


  • The panel entitled “Kalam, Philosophy, and Language” (March 19, 2022 @ 9:00 am – 12:00 pm) will be moderated by Sean W. Anthony (University of Birmingham) and will feature Tynan Kelly (University of Chicago) and Belal Abu-Alabbas (Exter University), with submissions on “Explicit Matn Criticism in Gharīb al-Hadīth: Language and Sunnah According to Abū ,Ubayd and Ibn Qutaybah” and “Lafz bi-l-Qur’ān makhlūq? al-Bukhārī and his Adversaries on theLafz Controversy,” respectively.


  • The panel entitled “Theology in Political and Educational Context” (March 19, 2022 @ 1:00 – 3:15 pm) will be moderated by Rodrigo Adem (Georgetown University) and will feature Antonio Musto (New York University), Sean W. Anthony (University of Birmingham), Stuart D. Sears (Arabic Language Associates, LLC), Saad Shaukat (UCLA), and Paul E. Walker (University of Chicago), with submissions on “The Many Faces of a Mihna: A New Look at Ghulām Khalīl’s (d.275/888) Anti-Sufi Trial,” “The Justly Killed Imam: A Mu,tazili Apologia for the Killing of the Caliph ,Uthman ibn ,Affan (r. 23–36/644–656),” “Sacral Kingship and the Legitimation of Government: The Origins of the Kalima in the Late Seventh Century Caliphate,” “Adūd al-Dīn al-Ijī’s Kalām Texts in Mamluk Syria and Egypt,” and “Shahrastani and the Ismailis: A Critical Reappraisal of the Evidence,” respectively.


  • The panel entitled “Quran” (March 19, 2022 @ 3:30 – 5:30 pm) will be moderated by Omar Anchassi (King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies) and will feature Bruce Fudge (University of Geneva), Gabriel Said Reynolds (University of Notre Dame), Hannah Stork (Yale University), Chris Mezger (Yale University), and Nadir Ansari (University of Toronto), with submissions on “M. A. Khalafallāh and the Afterlives of the Prophets,” “Ipsissima Verba? Thinking through Reported Speech in the Qur’an,” “Lexical Borrowings and the Qur’ān’s Social Environment(s): Reassessing ‘The Foreign Vocabulary of the Qur’ān,'” “Retelling Scripture: Intertextual References in the Quran and the Quranic Audience,” and “The Aims and Methods of Modern Tafsīr : Sayyid Ahmad Khan’s Qur’anic Hermeneutics and the Authority of the Bible,” respectively.


  • The panel entitled “Literature: In Memory of Jaroslav Stetkevych” (March 20, 2022 @ 9:00 am – 12:30 pm) will be moderated by Bruce Fudge (University of Geneva) and will feature Erez Naaman (American University), Beatrice Gruendler (Free University of Berlin), and Mina Yazdani (Eastern Kentucky University), with submissions on “Abbasid Plagiarism Disputes: People of Authority Respond (or Not),” “Quotable Mutanabbī,” and “Poetry as a Means of Confessional Expression: The Case of Shaykh al-Raīs’s Ode,” respectively.


  • The plenary session entitled “Ethnicity, Caste, and Race” (March 20, 2022 @ 2:45 – 4:45 pm) will be moderated by Timothy Lubin (Washington and Lee University) and will feature Kristina Richardson (City University of New York), with a submission on “Islamic Near East: Inhabiting an Abject Cosmos: Race and Blackness in Islamic Astrology.”


  • The presidential address (March 20, 2022 @ 9:00 pm) will feature Paul E. Walker (University of Chicago), with an address titled “Of What Good is a Heresy.”


  • The panel entitled “Non-Muslim communities under Islam” (March 21, 2022 @ 9:00 am – 12:00 pm) will be moderated by Kevin Blankinship (Brigham Young University) and will feature Thomas Benfey (University of Oxford), Kayla Dang (Yale University), Andrew Magnusson (University of Central Oklahoma), Kevin van Bladel (Yale University), and David Hollenberg (University of Oregon), with submissions on “Religious, Land, and Head Taxes in the Middle Persian Documents from Early Islamic Iran,” “Zoroastrian ‘History’ according to Islamic Sources,” “Tax Them but Do Not Marry Them: Matn and Isnad Analyses of Two Hadiths about Zoroastrians,” “Another Hypothesis on the Sābi’ūn of the Qur’ān,” and “The Nusayri Teaching Circles of 10–11th century Iraq and Syria: A Portrait,” respectively.

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