Field Guide to Digital Islamic Law Resources Roundup

The Field Guide to Digital Islamic Law, in the form of a Google document, is a collection of resource links and annotations to SHARIAsource and other Harvard resources, global online digital resources, and a robust “Digital Islamic Law Collection.” We recently added three exciting resources to this list:

  • Maxim Romanov’s site, al-Raqmiyyāt: Digital Islamic History, features frequency-based reading and data-visualization for classical Arabic texts. It lists a catalog of resources for scanned PDF print editions of Islamic texts online.
  • al-Maktaba al-Shamela is a full-text searchable database of edited texts in Arabic across genres. This downloadable program has an available offline version and allows you to choose which texts you would like to download. The site is in Arabic.
  • The Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Public Library is a catalogue of the manuscripts available in the Patna Library, with some digitized for viewing. The online catalogue is a series of uploaded pages from the print catalogue available, spanning 4300 manuscripts. It is available to the public but is not searchable. The catalogue is organized into 43 labeled volumes. The manuscripts are available in Arabic and Farsi.

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