SHARIAsource Lunch Talk :: Apocalypticism and the Mahdi in Early Islam

SHARIAsource Editor and Iran Project Coordinator at Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs Mohammad Sagha presented to a group of seven students and scholars on “Apocalypticism and the Mahdi in Early Islam” during his May 3rd ILSP: SHARIAsource Lunch Talk. Sagha took a close look at a newly published manuscript of Ibn al-Munādī, copied in 1855 and written in the 4th/10th In this manuscript Ibn al-Munādī pondered on who the Mahdī is, and what purpose he served. Sagha took care to note that Ibn al-Munādī was an independent scholar whose work took care to consider the political realities of the Abbasid period. In doing so, he successfully presented the manuscript as a rich text of great value to those studying sectarianism within Islam. This event was livetweeted.