Professor Mohammad Fadel on Muslims, Islam, and Bostock

Professor Mohammad Fadel, senior editor at SHARIAsource, explores Muslim perspectives on religious freedom pertaining to the Supreme Court’s recent Bostock v. Clayton County (2020) decision on equal protection in  “Professor Mohammad Fadel on Muslims, Islam, and Bostock”. In this article, Fadel addresses disputes regarding the stances of some Muslims toward the rights of LGBTQ persons, specifically those who opposed the Supreme Court’s ruling against American-Muslim legal and civil rights organizations that had filed a brief (the “Muslim lawyers’ brief”) in support of the LGBTQ employees. He explicates the brief and examines the interpretive frameworks of Title VII, making the connection between this case and religious freedom. Fadel concludes by highlighting that this case is based on a principled doctrine of toleration established on the basis equal liberty and is not a partisan issue. 

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