Islam and Data Science Roundup

  • In “The Dilemma of Ethics in Advertising in Pakistan: An Islamic Perspective”  (International Transaction Journal of Engineering, Management & Applied Sciences and Technologies, 2021), Hassan Ali Maan and Wajiha Raziha Rizvi (Beaconhouse National University Pakistan), using data aggregated from 250 students at three universities in Pakistan, discuss the youth’s perception of advertising, Western influence, and Islamic ethics.
  • In “Discourse on ‘Islam’ and ‘Kafir’ in 2019 Indonesia Presidential Election: The Challenge of Democracy in the Digital Era” (Proceedings of the The 2nd ICS Universitas Mataram International Conference: Countering Radicalism & Terrorism in the Digital Era – Reshaping a Global Peace Community, 2021), Nina Widayati (Research Center for Society and Culture, Indonesian Institute of Sciences (PMB-LIPI)) and others examine a Twitter dataset spanning seven days on the discourse used by influencers immediately preceding and following the 2019 presidential election in Indonesia.

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