Islamic Law Scholars’ Round-Up: Feb 25th

Many of SHARIAsource’s Senior Scholars were recognized in Brill’s Islamic Law and Society journal as writers of the top 15 articles written in the 25 years of ILS. In celebration of ILS’ 25th anniversary, public access to all 15 articles has been made free through March 31st.

(Volume 1:1, 1994): 
From Fatwās To Furü: Growth and Change in Islamic Substantive Law 
Wael B. Hallaq
(Volume 1:2, 1994):
Islamic Law and Muslim Minorities: The Juristic Discourse on Muslim Minorities from the second/eighth to the eleventh/seventeenth Centuries
Khaled Abou El Fadl
(Volume 3:2, 1996):
The Social Logic of Taqlīd and the Rise of the Mukhtaṣar
Mohammad Fadel
(Volume 2:1, 2001):
Kramer Versus Kramer in a tenth/sixteenth Century Egyptian Court: Post-Formative Jurisprudence Between Exigency and Law
Sherman A. Jackson
(Volume 10:3, 2003):
Dead Tradition: Joseph Schacht and the Origins of “Popular Practice”
Ze’Ev Maghen

(Volume 11:3, 2004):
“Do Not Enter Houses Other Than Your Own”: The Evolution of the Notion of a Private Domestic Sphere in Early Sunnī Thought
Eli Alshech
(Volume 13:3, 2006):
Ḥuquq Allāh and Ḥuqūq al-ʿIbād: A Legal Heuristic for a Natural Rights Regime
Anver M. Emon
(Volume 14:3, 2007):
The First Shāfiʿī: The Traditionalist Legal Thought of Abū Yaʿqūb al-Buwayṭī
(d. 231/846)

Ahmed El Shamsy

(Volume 17:1, 2010):
Wael B. Hallaq on the Origins of Islamic Law: A Review Essay
David S. Powers
(Volume 17:2, 2010):
Why Did Ummu Gulsum Go to Court? Ottoman Legal Practice between History and Anthropology
Boğaç A. Ergene

(Volume 18:1, 2011):
Even If It’s Not True It’s True: Using Unreliable Ḥadīths in Sunni Islam
Jonathan A.C. Brown
(Volume 18:3-4, 2011):
On Orientalism, Self-Consciousness and History
Wael B. Hallaq
(Volume 21:3, 2014):
Islamic Law in the Modern World: Nationalization, Islamization, Reinstatement
Aharon Layish
(Volume 23:3, 2016):
Prohibiting the Pilgrimage: Politics and Fiction in Mālikī Fatwās
Jocelyn Hendrickson
(Volume 23:3, 2016):
The Salafi Mystique: The Rise of Gender Segregation in 1970s Egypt
Aaron Rock-Singer