In the News: “Politicization” of Islamic Law in Europe

Last week, the UK’s Telegraph newspaper published an interview (free registration may be required to read the full article) with Seyran Ates, who in 2017 established a mosque in Germany where men and women pray side by side, and women can lead the prayers. The interview focused on Islamic identity in Europe, and specifically Ates’ concern that foreign funding of mosques has “politicized” religious practices and beliefs. Explaining her perspective of “a European Islam,” Ates said, “We have Arab mosques, Afghan mosques, Pakistani mosques … Why don’t we have German mosques here in Germany?”

SHARIAsource’s Portal and Blog contain primary sources and expert analysis on Islamic law in Europe, from the right of Muslim women to wear headscarves in the workplace, to state recognition of Islamic marriages and divorces. Some recent examples include:

Molla Sali v. Greece (European Court of Human Rights, December 2018)

Akhter v. Khan (High Court of Justice of England and Wales, July 2018)

“The Independent Review into the Application of Sharia law in England and Wales” (UK Home Office, February 2018)