Weekend Scholarship Roundup

In the article “Did Premodern Muslims Distinguish the Religious and Secular? The Dīn–Dunyā Binary in Medieval Islamic Thought” (Journal of Islamic Studies, Volume 31, Issue 2, 2020), Rushain Abbasi challenges the widely-held belief that premodern Muslims did not make a distinction between the religious and secular. After examining several usages of the dīn–dunyā binary across … Continue reading Weekend Scholarship Roundup

Islamic Law Scholars’ Round-Up: Feb 25th

Many of SHARIAsource’s Senior Scholars were recognized in Brill’s Islamic Law and Society journal as writers of the top 15 articles written in the 25 years of ILS. In celebration of ILS’ 25th anniversary, public access to all 15 articles has been made free through March 31st. (Volume 1:1, 1994): From Fatwās To Furü: Growth and … Continue reading Islamic Law Scholars’ Round-Up: Feb 25th