Islamic Law in the News Roundup

ISLAMIC LAW IN THE NEWS News agencies have reported that "Saudi Arabia is planning to amend its draft Civil Transactions Law by proposing equal blood money for men and women as well as Muslims and non-Muslims in the kingdom." Advocate Ashwini Upadhyay, who has challenged the Places of Worship Act of 1991, argued that "a … Continue reading Islamic Law in the News Roundup

Weekend Scholarship Roundup

SCHOLARSHIP ROUNDUP On Islamic Law: In "Wearing the Niqab: Muslim Women in the UK and the US" (Bloomsbury Academic, 2021), Anna Piela (Northwestern University) argues that niqāb, the Islamic face veil, has become the ubiquitous symbol of "everything that is perceived to be wrong about Islam," and further discusses how discussions surrounding its permissibility and … Continue reading Weekend Scholarship Roundup