Weekend Scholarship Roundup

In the article “Did Premodern Muslims Distinguish the Religious and Secular? The Dīn–Dunyā Binary in Medieval Islamic Thought” (Journal of Islamic Studies, Volume 31, Issue 2, 2020), Rushain Abbasi challenges the widely-held belief that premodern Muslims did not make a distinction between the religious and secular. After examining several usages of the dīn–dunyā binary across … Continue reading Weekend Scholarship Roundup

Recent Scholarship in Islamic Law and Society

Compiled by Maliheh Zare (JSD Candidate, New York University School of Law) for the Islamic Law and Society Collaborative Research Network. ISLAMIC LAW AND SOCIETY NEWSLETTER FALL and WINTER 2016-17 The contributors to this edition are Matthew Erie, Iza Hussin, Mirjam Kuenkler, Tamir Moustafa, Michael Peletz, and Daromir Rudnyckyj. In addition to publication information, the … Continue reading Recent Scholarship in Islamic Law and Society