Islamic Law in the News Roundup

  • Amid international outcry after a Nigerian religious court sentenced a 22-year old to death for blasphemous statements made on WhatsApp, a well-known imām (Muslim religious leader) in the country, who believes that the person should be punished, asked for a more lenient sentence.
  • Nigerian Senator Smart Adeyemi announced his intention to advance a bill that would enforce the sharī‘a against those convicted of corruption, arguing that amputation of hands would serve as a serious deterrent.
  • Pakistan’s Council of Islamic Ideology, in an attempt to alleviate inter-sectarian tensions, declared a 20-point code of conduct that prohibits armed action against the state and stresses that individuals do not have the right to declare one another kāfir (an infidel who can be lawfully punished under Islamic law).
  • Egypt announced its intention to issue more Islamic law-compliant bonds, also known as sukuk, whose offering  to the market this year is expected to total 4.5 billion Egyptian pounds.

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