Islamic Law in the News Roundup

  • The Kerala High Court (India) recently overturned a decades-long precedent that had prohibited Muslim women from divorcing their husbands without judicial intervention.  In its new decision, the Court noted that judicial intervention was warranted only in faskh cases that involved the intervention of an Islamic judge, thereby recognizing the right of Muslim women to dissolve their marriage without resorting to judicial proceedings in other cases.
  • An internationally acclaimed, small-budget Pakistani movie, “Zindagi Tamasha,” is still being censored in Pakistan due to allegations that the movie contains blasphemous language.
  • The Indonesian Ulema Council announced its view that swab tests, including those for COVID-19 testing purposes, do not invalidate the fast.
  • Halal restaurants in Philadelphia have now experienced their second Ramadan under COVID-19, prompting them to innovate and expand their services to cover new cuisine permitted under Islamic law and to adapt to the take-out and delivery culture.

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