CnC Spotlight: Mairaj Syed

The Courts & Canons (CnC) Project at SHARIAsource leverages data science tools to explore questions in Islamic law and society historically through mapping the controversies and values reflected in courts (from taʾrīkh, ṭabaqāt) and legal canons (qawāʿid fiqhiyya). We experiment with ways in which the data science tools we are developing at SHARIAsource (CnC Qayyim) can aid in … Continue reading CnC Spotlight: Mairaj Syed

Islam and Data Science Roundup

Our May guest blog editor, Professor Mairaj Syed, Associate Professor of Religious Studies at University of California- Davis, wrote "An Experiment in Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and Islamic Law,"  a two part series about experimenting in natural language processing, machine learning, and Islamic law for our blog on Islamic law. In “Analysis the Arabic Authorship … Continue reading Islam and Data Science Roundup