Weekend Scholarship Roundup


On Islamic Law

  • In “Iran Isn’t the Only Country With Morality Police” (Council on Foreign Relations (January 11, 2023)), Kali Robinson (Council on Foreign Relations) writes that it is not only Iran, but that “[m]ultiple countries have special police that enforce Islamic moral codes.”
  • In “Islamic Economics: Comparisons” (Annual Review of Islamic Finance (January 5, 2023)), Belal Ehsan Baaquie (School of Graduate Studies, International Centre for Education in Islamic Finance) argues that “Islamic economics is currently only a theoretical construct with no Muslim majority country practicing it.”
  • In “Civil liability of physicians in terms of Imami jurisprudence and Iranian law” (Political Sociology Research 5, no. 11), Javad Maboudi (Islamic Azad University, Iran) and others discuss “civil liability of government employees in Iranian jurisprudence and law.”
  • Muhamed Riyaz Chenganakkattil (Indian Institute of Technology) reviews Justice and Leadership in Early Islamic Courts (Intisar A. Rabb and Abigail Krasner Balbale, eds., Harvard University Press 2017), describing it as “a compendium of legal history in the early Islamic period with a focus on the concepts and practices in the judicial discourse of Islam.”
  • Ana Struillou (European University Institute, Italy) reviews Leaving Iberia: Islamic Law and Christian Conquest in North West Africa (Jocelyn Hendrickson, Harvard University Press 2021), describing the book as “engag[ing] with an understudied aspect of Christian conquests over Muslim territories in the Iberian Peninsula and North Africa from the early fifteenth century onwards.”

On Islam and Data Science

  • In “Factor Affecting Employee Motivation to Increase Performance of Sharia Bank in Indonesia on Islamic Perspective” (Aptisi Transactions on Management 7, no. 2 (2023)), Muhammad Afif (Islamic Economic Finance, Trisakti) and others, conducting quantitative research on “200 employees of Islamic banks in Indonesia as representatives of 14 Sharia Commercial Banks (BUS) and 20 Sharia Business Units (UUS),” discuss ways to improve job satisfaction at Indonesian banks that operate based on Islamic law.
  • In “Analyzing Sharia Supervision Effects on the Performance of Islamic Banks: Evidence from the GCC Countries” (in  Explore Business, Technology Opportunities and Challenges ‎After the Covid-19 Pandemic (2023) eds., Bahaaeddin Alareeni and Allam Hamdan), Abdulhadi Abdulrahim Tashkandi (Umm Al-Qura University, Saudi Arabia) finds that “Sharia supervision-and corporate governance-related variables are more significant in determining the performance of Islamic banks. Furthermore, the results show that bank size, the capital adequacy ratio, growth, and inflation are significant and positive determinants of Islamic banks’ financial performance.”


The Field Guide to Islamic Law Online is an ever-growing collection of links to hundreds of links to primary sources and archival collections around the world, online.We recently added new resources to this list:

  • Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies Research Guide, maintained by Emory University, is a list of databases and journals relating to Islamic law and studies.
  • Islamic Studies, maintained by Brown University, “provides resources for a wide variety of topics related to the academic study of Islam and Muslims. Historical and contemporary issues are covered as well as relations with other religious communities within the Islamic world.”


PIL & Harvard Calendar:

Global Calendar:

  • Conference: IDHN Conference on Shīʿī Ḥadīth and Legal Studies: Digital Perspectives, January 26, 2023.
  • Fellowship: Center for Arabic Study Abroad, 2023-2024, January 30, 2023.
  • The Abdallah S. Kamel Center at the Yale Law School Fellowship, 2023-2024, January 31, 2023.
  • Call for Panel Sponsorship: MEM Panel Sponsorship at MESA 2023, February 1, 2023.
  • Call for Papers: MESA Annual Meeting 2023, Montréal, Québec, Canada, February 16, 2023.
  • Workshop: Digital Medieval Studies Institute, NYU DC, February 22, 2023.
  • Call for Papers: Interdisciplinary Conference on Islamic Law in the Crucible of the Modern State: Problems and Perspectives, University of Muenster, Germany, March 20, 2023.
  • 2023 Law and Humanities Interdisciplinary Workshop: 22nd meeting of the Law and Humanities Interdisciplinary Workshop, Georgetown Law Center, Washington, DC, May 24-25, 2023.
  • Call for Papers: Munich Summer Institute 2023 & Ph.D. Workshop, May 24-26, 2023.
  • The Graduate Student & Early Career Workshop: Law and Society Association, May 31, 2023.
  • Annual meeting: Law & Society Association’s Annual Meeting, San Juan, Puerto Rico, June 1-4, 2023.
  • Summer Course: Thinking with Islamicate Manuscripts: Critical Approaches to Historical Methodology, History of Collections, and Digital Tools In Islamic Studies, July 3-7, 2023, Central European University (application deadline: February 14, 2023).
  • Conference: Interdisciplinary Conference on Islamic Law in the Crucible of the Modern State: Problems and Perspectives, University of Muenster, Germany, July 10-12, 2023.
  • Position opening: Assistant Professor of Modern Middle Eastern History, University of Tennessee, Fall 2022. Deadline: until an appointment is made.
  • Position opening: Columbia University, The Department of Art History and Archaeology Barbara Stoler Miller Assistant Professor, Indian and South Asian Art History. Deadline: until an appointment is made.
  • Position opening: Associate Director, Center for Religious and Spiritual Life and Muslim Chaplain, Macalester College (priority given to applications by August 1, 2022).
  • Workshop: TraSIS (Trajectories of Slavery in Islamicate Societies) and the BCDSS (Bonn Center for Dependency and Slavery Studies) Murtensee, August 30, 2023 – September 1, 2023.
  • Position opening: Adjunct Lecturer in Modern Middle East, Babson College.
  • Call for Applications: Interdisciplinary Scholars of Places, Movement and Cultural Practices Professor, New York University Abu Dhabi. Deadline: until the position is filled.
  • Research Project: Historian/Researcher – Tudor Period/Elizabethan Era, and the Ottoman Empire during the Suleiman the Magnificent Period. Deadline: until the position is filled.
  • Call for Submissions: The UCLA School of Law’s Journal of Islamic and Near Eastern Law (JINEL).
  • Call for Manuscripts: Advances in the Study of Islam, Edinburgh University Press.
  • Request for Open Submissions: AALS 2023 Annual Meeting, January 4-7, 2023. Submission deadlines vary.
  • MEM Fellowship for Graduate Students of Color.
  • Scholarship: Islamic Scholarship Fund CAMBA Law Scholarship 2023.

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