Islam and Data Science Roundup

Salma Waheedi’s (Harvard Law School) and Musawah’s teams have put together an interactive project mapping recent developments in the family laws of thirty-one Muslim-majority countries. Titled “Mapping of Muslim Family Laws Globally,” the project seeks to document progress in family law and practice across Muslim nations with an additional focus on the extent to which … Continue reading Islam and Data Science Roundup

Weekend Scholarship Roundup

In a book review titled “Isn’t the Opposite Equally True?” written for the London Review of Books, former Program in Islamic Law fellow Lawrence Rosen (Princeton University) reviews two recent publications, Laurence Louër’s Sunnis and Shi‘a: A Political History (Princeton University Press, 2020) and Kim Ghattas’s Black Wave: Saudi Arabia, Iran, and the Forty-Year Rivalry … Continue reading Weekend Scholarship Roundup

Islamic Law in the News Roundup

The pandemic has served as a catalyst for Gulf countries in their bid to adopt Western norms and policies, as declining oil prices, due to the pandemic, has underlined the need for attracting more foreign talent and investment. Russia’s Spiritual Administration of Muslims stated in a ruling that interfaith marriages between Muslim men and non-Muslim … Continue reading Islamic Law in the News Roundup