Weekend Scholarship Roundup

Nurfadzilah Yahaya, SHARIAsource editor and scholar of Islamic legal history, discusses the history of Malay people in this podcast episode titled "Learning Malay History" (The More Better Podcast (2020)). In “Human Rights and Cultural Diversity: the Iranian Discourse” (Iranian Review for UN Studies 2, no.1 (2019)), Pouria Askary and Amirsaed Vakil explore the ways Iran … Continue reading Weekend Scholarship Roundup

Recent Scholarship: Patriarchy and Colonialism

The latest issue of the Journal of Women's History includes the following article examining gender, race, class, and patriarchy within the British and colonial legal systems: "Class, White Women, and Elite Asian Men in British Courts during the Late Nineteenth Century" by Nurfadzilah Yahaya British imperial politics was profoundly affected by class alongside gender and … Continue reading Recent Scholarship: Patriarchy and Colonialism