Weekend Scholarship Roundup

SCHOLARSHIP ROUNDUP On Islamic Law: In "Navigating Colonial Law in a 'Sea of Islands'" (Law & Social Inquiry Online (December 3, 2021)), Renisa Mawani (University of British Columbia) reviews Nurfadzilah Yahaya's Fluid Jurisdictions: Colonial Laws and Arabs in Southeast Asia (Cornell University Press, 2020). In "Rumi without Islam: the cultural appropriation of Rumi" (Bayt Al … Continue reading Weekend Scholarship Roundup

Weekend Scholarship Roundup

In "From conquest to co-existence: Burhān al-Dīn al-Marghīnānī's (d. 593/1197) re-interpretation of jihād" (Journal of Islamic Studies, vol. 32 no. 2), Youcef L. Soufi (University of Toronto) takes issue with the mainstream view in scholarship that second/eight century Muslim jurists' conception of jihād was uniformly in support of continuous imperial conquest. In "Islam from the … Continue reading Weekend Scholarship Roundup

Islam and Data Science Roundup

In "Faith Among Black Americans," (Pew Research Center, 2021), Besheer Mohamed and his colleagues discuss the findings of a survey involving more than 8,600 Black American adults, according to which "3% belong to non-Christian faiths, the most common of which is Islam." In another recent study entitled "Large Majority of the Public Views Prosecution of … Continue reading Islam and Data Science Roundup

New debates about Islam in Europe

Talib Shareef, Yaya J. Fanusie, and Muhammad Fraser-Rahim, three African American Muslims with experience in a diverse array of American institutions, including the US Air Force, the CIA, and the Department of Homeland Security, respectively, recently wrote an article in Foreign Policy.  There, the authors cite and evaluate the existing narratives in circulation on Islam … Continue reading New debates about Islam in Europe