Weekend Scholarship Roundup

SCHOLARSHIP ROUNDUP On Islamic Law: In "The Judiciary and the Rule of Law in Afghanistan" (Judicature 105, no. 3 (2021)), Mehdi J. Hakimi (Stanford Law School) argues that, long before the Taliban's rise to power, the Afghan judiciary experienced "institutional design flaws, primarily in the constitutional architecture, [that] curtailed the judiciary’s capacity to act as … Continue reading Weekend Scholarship Roundup

The Golden Collection of the Law’s Maxims

By Mariam Sheibani Source: Al-ʿAlāʾī, Ṣalāḥ al-Dīn Khalīl. Al-Majmūʿ al-mudhhab fī qawāʿid al-madhhab. Edited by Majīd ʿAlī al-ʿUbaydī and Aḥmad Khudayrʿ Abbās. 2 vols. Amman: Dār ʿImār, 1425/2004. General Description: This source, entitled “The Golden Collection of the Law’s Maxims” (al-Majmūʿ al-mudhhab fī qawāʿid al-madhhab), is a two-volume collection of legal and interpretive maxims.[1] Legal … Continue reading The Golden Collection of the Law’s Maxims