SHARIAsource Lunch Talk :: Between Legal Conservatism and Legal Change: Fault Lines in Ayyūbid Damascus.

On November 28th, Dr. Mariam Sheibani, current Visiting Fellow at ILSP: SHARIAsource, shared her research on the developments of the Shāfiʿī tradition in twelfth-century twelfth-century Ayyūbid Damascus. She focused on the rivalry between the leading Shāfiʿī authorities of Damascus, Taqī al-Dīn b. al-Ṣalāḥ (d. 1245) and ʿIzz al-Din b. ʿAbd al-Salām (d. 1262), using it as a window onto the competing prevalent trends within the Shāfiʿī legal school. Eight scholars and students in the field responded to her work and methodology, sparking extensive discussion. The event was livetweeted.