“Faith in the Law”: Program in Islamic Law Featured in Harvard Law Today

For its Winter 2022 issue, Harvard Law Today, Harvard Law School’s news bulletin, featured an article titled “Faith in the Law,” exploring how various programs and faculty members at Harvard Law School are researching and addressing current topics at the intersection of religion and law.

When asked to comment on how Harvard engages in modern debates revolving around Islamic law, Editor-in-Chief, Professor Intisar Rabb said: “The study of Islamic law is something of increasing consequence and importance for the study and understanding of law generally. For Harvard, which has a global footprint, these programs are an essential part of the school.”

Also featured in the article is SHARIAsource, described as the Program in Islamic Law‘s “flagship project” that utilizes artificial intelligence and data science to aid in the contextual research of Islamic law.

To access the full article, please visit here.

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