Islamic Law in the News Roundup

  • Rochester Institute of Technology professors developed a new board game titled “New Harvest,” which aims at promoting the teaching of comparative religion and religious law. The game is part of a larger series on different religious traditions titled “Lost & Found.”
  • The many and varied forms of sexual harassment was among the subjects discussed at Brunei’s past Friday sermon, ranging from non-verbal cues to maintaining unnecessary proximity.
  • In response to the beheading of a school teacher in France, some pundits have urged European Muslims to develop their separate and “organic” understanding of Islam, similar to what they argue has been the experience of the Muslim African American community in the United States.
  • The United Arab Emirates issued a set of laws in an effort to overhaul the nation’s family law and legal framework pertaining to other areas of daily life, including decriminalizing cohabitation by unmarried couples, a new rule that mandates that UAE courts apply as the law of divorce the law of the country where the marriage took place, and another rule that dictates that inheritance law be determined according to the nationality of the deceased.

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