Field Guide to Digital Islamic Law Resources Roundup

The Field Guide to Digital Islamic Law, in the form of a Google document, is a collection of resource links and annotations to SHARIAsource and other Harvard resources, global online digital resources, and a robust “Digital Islamic Law Collection.” We recently added exciting resources to this list:

  • Refaiya Family Library “aims at the historical and codicological research on, database development and digital presentation of the private Arabic-Islamic library of the Damascene Rifā’ī family. This library, called ‘Refaiya’ (Rifā’īya) – comprising 488 carefully preserved volumes and handed down over several centuries until the 19th century – is the precious core of the approximately 3,200 Oriental manuscripts kept at Leipzig University Library. It is probably a unique example of a cohesive, traditional Arabic-Islamic family library. The preservation of its historical formation is due to the direct acquisition by the Prussian Consul and Arabist Johann Gottfried Wetzstein from its last owner, ‘Umar Efendi al-Rifā’ī al-Ḥamawī, in 1853.”
  • Ambon Manuscripts is a collection compiled thanks to eleven village visits by the project’s digitizing team, “in an effort to preserve the written heritage of Ambon” (Indonesia). “Most texts are not in codex form, but in rotuli.”

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