Islamic Law in the News Roundup


  • In response to the Supreme Court‘s overruling of Roe v. Wade, some Muslim American lawyers have argued that restrictive abortion laws infringe on Muslims’ religious liberty, as many of the restrictive abortion laws in several states contravene Islam’s understanding of abortion and its permissibility in certain contexts.  Relatedly, some Muslims have stated that Islamic law is flexible on the issue.  For more content and context on debates around the right to abortion and how Islamic has featured in these debates, consult our Resource Roundup: Abortion and Islamic Law.  
  • In response to the Supreme Court‘s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, Sumayyah Waheed, senior policy counsel at U.S. civil rights group Muslim Advocates, stated: “This ruling empowers the religious right to continue to pursue policies that basically establish their religious positions into law. That is a complete violation of anyone who doesn’t feel that way, particularly religious minorities.”
  • “The League of Islamic Council of Southern Thailand has issued a statement opposing three draft bills – the Cannabis and Hemp Bill, Progressive Liquor Bill and Civil Partnership Bill – as going against Islamic law, saying practising Muslims cannot abide by them.”  A spokesperson stated: “Our organisation is the pillar for citizens. We must reveal our standpoint to society clearly. According to the Sheikhul Islam Office’s Fatwa, we will not support these laws because they are haram in Islam.”
  • “A popular Indonesian bar chain is being investigated for blasphemy over a free alcohol promotion for patrons named Muhammad, police said Friday, after it sparked uproar in the world’s largest Muslim-majority country.”
  • Justice and Development Party [Morocco] general secretary Abdelila Benkiran, during a meeting with members of the party’s National Committee on Saturday, dismissed calls for equal inheritance between the sexes, saying ‘the issue is settled by the text of the Quran.'”
  • A sharī’a court in Malaysiajail[ed] [a] woman for changing [her] ex-husband’s visitation dates with children.”
  • The latest study released on the Global Halal Meat Market by AMA Research has predicted exponential growth in the halal meat market.
  • The Constitutional Court [of South Africa] has given legal recognition to Muslim women married in terms of [sharī’a] law, and also their children.”
  • “The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has appealed to the Supreme Court against the Federal Shariah Court‘s decision about shifting to a [ribā] (interest) free economy.”
  • “Religious and ethnic leaders from across Afghanistan discussed girls’ education at a gathering organised by the country’s Taliban rulers on Thursday – but without any women taking part.” For more content and context on the recent developments in Afghanistan, consult our Editor-in-Chief, Professor Intisar Rabb’s “Resource Roundup: Afghanistan, the Taliban, and Islamic Law.


  • “Thousands of pilgrims started arriving in the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia […], among some one million Muslims expected to attend the 2022 […] pilgrimage season after two years of major disruption caused by the COVID pandemic.”


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