EVENT: The JFK Jr. Forum: A Conversation with Khizr Khan


Khizr Khan at the Harvard Kennedy School’s JFK Jr. Forum on February 15th, co-sponsored by ILSP: SHARIAsource. Though the crowd numbered far less than the Democratic National Convention’s, Khan was no less eloquent. He recounted for the crowd his experience leading up to the Democratic National Convention and its aftermath. Under Intisar Rabb‘s, Harvard Law School Professor and SHARIAsource editor-in-chief, moderation this recounting turned into an impassioned lecture on the importance of integrity. Khan’s belief in the Constitution permeates his daily life in the form of his moral conviction, and he urged those in the audience to remember both the ethical and historical significance of the U.S. Constitution. In his consideration of the current politics surrounding Muslim citizens, Khan emphasized camaraderie as the venue to understanding. This perspective harkened back to his earlier mention of the Fourteenth Amendment; each has a personal responsibility to remember the Fourteenth Amendment, and to uphold the values implicit in them.

Watch the forum.