Islamic Law in the News Roundup


  • In reportedly the first case in which a New Zealand court was asked to consider Islamic law, a Wellington court ordered “the payment of a dower set out in a marriage contract solemnized under sharia law in the UAE.”
  • A Muslim slaughterhouse in D.C., which started its operations after delays caused by concerns over animal rights, reported that it had integrated successfully into the neighborhood.
  • Commenting on the recent mob killing of a woman in Nigeria who allegedly blasphemed the Prophet, Sheikh Tajudeen AbdulKareem Al-Adaby, a prominent Islamic scholar in the country, noted that it is jurists, and not mobs, who decide whether utterances amount to blasphemy according to Islamic law.
  • Commenting on the same blasphemy case in Nigeria, Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria ( CAN) in Kaduna State, Rev. Joseph John Hayab, stated: “The challenge now is for Government authorities and security agencies to act fast to address this abuse of our constitution before it leads to a more serious conflict that can not be handled.”
  • Islamic finance has gained more traction over the years, partly due to “the inflationary and disruptive socioeconomic circumstances caused by the contemporary general economic and financialization practices.”
  • “A fresh plea has been filed in the Supreme Court seeking intervention in the Gyanvapi mosque dispute,” which alleges that mosques built on lands once occupied by Hindu temples cannot be considered mosques. An advocate for the Hindu parties in the case stated: “My deity is also there, so it can never be a mosque under Islamic law.” The Hindu parties have relied partly on Islamic law to make their case, arguing that a “mosque constructed on temple land cannot be a mosque, not only for the reason that such construction is against Islamic law.”
  • The United Nations Security Council on Tuesday called on Taliban authorities in Afghanistan to ‘swiftly reverse’ policies and practices that are restricting the human rights and freedoms of Afghan women and girls.” For more content and context on the recent developments in Afghanistan, consult our Editor-in-Chief, Professor Intisar Rabb’s “Resource Roundup: Afghanistan, the Taliban, and Islamic Law.


  • “Diplomats from Islamic countries and regions took part in a Tokyo policy briefing and discussion meeting at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office on Wednesday,” after the event had been canceled due to COVID-19-related restrictions.


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