Islam and Data Science Roundup

In "Digitized Canon: Intisar Rabb's Work to Develop SHARIAsource and Other Resources on Islamic Law" (The Institute for Quantitative Social Science, September 1, 2021), Jonathan Colburn (Institute for Quantitative Social Science) discusses the Program of Islamic Law at Harvard Law School and our Editor-in-Chief, Professor Intisar Rabb's efforts to integrate data science into the study … Continue reading Islam and Data Science Roundup

Islamic Law in the News Roundup

The Halal Guys filed suit against the Halal Girls, accusing the competing ḥalāl restaurant of trademark infringement. Four alleged white supremacists who are accused of anti-Muslim violence, among other charges, can face charges based on the Anti-Riot Act of 1968, a federal appeals court ruled. Iran's Expediency Council, tasked with settling disagreements between the parliament … Continue reading Islamic Law in the News Roundup

Weekend Scholarship Roundup

Monika Zalnieriute and Catherine Weiss analyze the United Nations Human Rights Committee’s (HRC) consideration of legal prohibitions on Islamic face-coverings in Yaker v. France and Hebbadj v. France in "Reconceptualizing Intersectionality in Judicial Interpretation: Moving Beyond Formalistic Accounts of Discrimination on Islamic Covering Prohibitions," Islamic Law & Law of the Muslim World eJournal, (originally published … Continue reading Weekend Scholarship Roundup

In the News: Islamic Veils in France

Two weeks ago, the UN Human Rights Committee (which oversees compliance with the 1966 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights) declared that France’s ban on full-face veils violates freedom of religion. According to the 2010 French law, “No one may, in a public space, wear any article of clothing intended to conceal the face.” … Continue reading In the News: Islamic Veils in France