Weekend Scholarship Roundup

SCHOLARSHIP ROUNDUP On Islamic Law: Religious Freedom in the Global South (MDPI Books, 2021), edited by Waheeda Amien (University of Cape Town), brings together articles written by various scholars that investigate "religious freedom in the Global South including the impact of religious freedom on majority and minority religious communities, the relationship between religious freedom and … Continue reading Weekend Scholarship Roundup

Islamic Law in the News Roundup

ISLAMIC LAW IN THE NEWS In an interview with the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School, Adnan Zulfiqar (Rutgers Law School) discussed his background and interest in Islamic law, including how that interest led him to be involved in penal code codification efforts for some Muslim-majority countries. Jacob Herzog, a Jewish Rabbi from New York, … Continue reading Islamic Law in the News Roundup

Islam and Data Science Roundup

The Race Discrimination Commissioner of Australia, Chin Tan, reported national findings suggesting that 80% of Australian Muslims experience some form of unfavorable treatment. According to official statistics from the Mohammad bin Rashid Centre for Islamic Culture in Dubai, more than 2,000 non-Muslim residents took the shahāda (Islamic oath of declaration) in 2021, converting to Islam.

Islamic Law in the News Roundup

A Reuters investigation of Indonesia's banking and finance sector revealed that an increasing number of Muslims employed in that sector are "quitting traditional banks" citing concerns of incompatibility with Islamic law. Former Minister of European Affairs of Portugal, Bruno Macaes, stated that Islam "is part of European history and culture," adding that "it's not a … Continue reading Islamic Law in the News Roundup

Islamic Law in the News Roundup

Turkish President Erdogan attended the funeral of Muhammed Emin Sarac, an Islamic scholar who provided Islamic education to pupils in Istanbul for more than six decades. Malaysian authorities announced an investigation into a video that went viral, depicting a man appearing to forcibly convert a woman out of Islam. Malaysia's top court ruled that one the … Continue reading Islamic Law in the News Roundup