Islamic Law in the News Roundup

  • Islamic Finance Guru, a UK-based Islamic finance platform, recently raised £3 million in investments.
  • The Saudi Crown Prince‘s overhaul of the country’s legal system and practices traditionally thought as being mandated by sharī’a has given rise to discontent among some of the population.
  • Ahead of the national Islamophobia summit, the National Council of Canadian Muslims issued a series of recommendations to the government, including abolishing the need to secure the attorney general’s consent before hate-based crimes can be prosecuted.
  • Taliban forces have continued to capture additional territories in Afghanistan as US forces withdraw, and have begun imposing strict interpretations of sharī’a in the captured territories, requiring women to cover in certain ways and to be accompanied by a male relative when they leave their homes.
  • The Taliban have announced that they would permit limited education for girls in territories under their control, to the extent it accords with their interpretation of Islamic law.
  • Iran developed a state-sanctioned, sharī’a-compliant dating application, Hamdam, Farsi for “companion.”

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