Weekend Scholarship Roundup

Anika Liversage and Jesper Petersen argue for the importance of local power structures in supporting Muslim women in terminating a nikāḥ in "Etniske minoritetskvinder og skilsmisse – med fokus på muslimske praksisser" (translated from Danish to English as "Ethnic minority women and divorce - with a focus on muslim practices"). The study was commissioned by the Danish … Continue reading Weekend Scholarship Roundup

OPINION :: The Question of Sharīʿa in Denmark

Denmark contributor Niels V. Vinding comments on recent discussions of sharīʿa in Denmark that have arisen on the basis of uninformed media reporting, which has had the consequence of sparking legislation that may have discriminatory effects on Muslims. These developments come in the wake of the Danish documentary Under the Veil of the Mosque, which … Continue reading OPINION :: The Question of Sharīʿa in Denmark