Weekend Scholarship Roundup

SCHOLARSHIP ROUNDUP On Islamic Law In "The Long Arm of the Provincial Law: A Custody Battle in a Qāḍī Petition from the Medieval Fayyūm" (Al-ʿUṣūr al-Wusṭā 30 (2022)), Lev Weitz (Catholic University of America) "presents an edition, translation, and study of a short Arabic petition to a qāḍī and the rescript issued in response." In … Continue reading Weekend Scholarship Roundup

Islamic Law in the News Roundup

ISLAMIC LAW IN THE NEWS The Islamic Finance Market 2022 report has recently been published and predicts substantial growth in the Islamic financial market by 2030. The global takaful market, a type of Islamic insurance, has been estimated to grow from $24.85 billion to $97.17 in 2030. The Westbury Arts Museum (New York) has partnered … Continue reading Islamic Law in the News Roundup