Dār al-Iftā’ Fatwā: Working in Banks

By Aaron Spevack Source: http://www.dar-alifta.org/Foreign/ViewFatwa.aspx?ID=5912&text=working%20in%20banks This fatwā listed on Dār al-Iftā'’s website - the official fatwa institution of Egypt and connected with scholars of al-Azhar - deals with the question of whether working in banks is permissible on account of their dealing in what appear to be interest-based transactions. In the Arabic text used for … Continue reading Dār al-Iftā’ Fatwā: Working in Banks

Nābulsī and Talfīq

By Aaron Spevack Source: Al-Nābulsī, Khulāṣah al-Taḥqīq fī Bayān Ḥukm al-Taqlīd wa al-Talfīq: Chapter 6: Regarding the elucidation of the ruling on talfīq. Nābulsī begins his chapter with the division of people into mujtahids and non- mujtahids. Mujtahids are further divided into absolute (unrestricted) and restricted mujtahids. An absolute mujtahid can not follow the opinion … Continue reading Nābulsī and Talfīq

Hāshiyat al-Bajūrī

By Aaron Spevack Source: Ibrāhīm al-Bājūrī, Ḥāshiya al-Shaykh Ibrāhīm al-Bājūrī ʿalā Sharḥ al-ʿAlāma Ibn al- Qāsim al-Ghazzī ʿalā Matn al-Shaykh Abī Shujāʿ. Beirut: Dār al-Kutūb al-ʿIlmiyya, 1999. The excerpt that I have provided for our discussion is from Hāshiyat al-Bajūrī ‘alā Sharh ibn Qāsim al-Ghazzī ‘alā Matn Abī Shuja’ (henceforth referred to as Hāshiyat al-Bajūrī). … Continue reading Hāshiyat al-Bajūrī

SHARIAsource Lunch Talk :: The Social Impact of Legal Patchworking (Talfīq)

Aaron Spevack, SHARIAsource Visiting Fellow 2018-2019, spoke on his current research into legal patchworking (talfīq). He examined debates for and against this legal tool, its role in the creation of sharīʿa-compliant financial instruments within Islamic law, the potential individual harms it can inflict, along with the potential social good. The event was livetweeted and may … Continue reading SHARIAsource Lunch Talk :: The Social Impact of Legal Patchworking (Talfīq)