Against Impossibility

By Ovamir Anjum The conviction that the sharīʿa has been slain by modernity could be read as the resuscitation of the early classical debate on the sharīʿa’s fatigue. Yet it … Continue reading Against Impossibility

Resuscitating the Sharīʿa in South Asia

By Ovamir Anjum “The divine laws primarily and essentially consider [human] conventions [rusūm], and they are what is discussed and referred to in the heavenly injunctions. There are causes due … Continue reading Resuscitating the Sharīʿa in South Asia

The Shape of Islamic History

By Ovamir Anjum How should one imagine the shape of Islamic history? What bearing does that have on the shape of Islam’s future? The West thought the future was Star … Continue reading The Shape of Islamic History

The Endangered Sharīʿa

By Ovamir Anjum Murder is afoot, and modernity stands accused. The victim is the Sharīʿa, and the autopsy is grim: temporal lacerations, institutional mutilations, a missing heart. Not merely a … Continue reading The Endangered Sharīʿa

Weekend Scholarship Roundup

SCHOLARSHIP ROUNDUP On Islamic Law Haider Ala Hamoudi has been appointed interim dean of University of Pittsburgh Law School. In "Hijab Ban Controversy in India’s Karnataka State – Analysis" (Eurasia … Continue reading Weekend Scholarship Roundup