Islamic Law in the News Roundup

ISLAMIC LAW IN THE NEWS "Emilia Justyna Powell, a Notre Dame professor of political science and concurrent professor at The Law School, has won two International Studies Association (ISA) awards for her 2020 book, Islamic Law and International Law: Peaceful Resolution of Disputes." "The Supreme Court [of India ...] continued hearing the batch of petitions challenging the Karnataka High … Continue reading Islamic Law in the News Roundup

Islam and Data Science Roundup

In "Islam-based legal language and state governance: democracy, strength of the judiciary and human rights" (Constitutional Political Economy (2020)), Emilia Justyna Powell (University of Notre Dame) and her coauthors test the hypothesis of whether Islamic legal language is associated with lower levels of electoral democracy, fewer liberties, and a weaker judicial system. Based on an … Continue reading Islam and Data Science Roundup

Weekend Scholarship Roundup

In "The Problem of Authorship and Pseudepigraphy in Islamic Intellectual History," Journal of the History of Ideas blog, W. Sasson Chahanovich addresses the problem of the author in Islamic intellectual history. Chahanovich aims to fill the gap on the lack of research on the topic of ‘forgery,’ i.e. pseudepigraphy, which is "the much-maligned twin of … Continue reading Weekend Scholarship Roundup