Islamic Law in the News Roundup

Allan Goodson, a mechanic in southern Utah, alleged that he was harassed by his employer and fired from his job because he converted to Islam. News outlets in the Arab world, particularly in Egypt, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia, have portrayed the recent dismissal of the prime minister and closure of parliament by the Tunisian … Continue reading Islamic Law in the News Roundup

Ibāḍism in the Medieval Sahel

By Kristina L. Richardson For centuries the Sunnī Mālikī madhhab has predominated among Muslims of northern and western Africa, but before the 12th century, Shīʿī, Khārijī, and Ibāḍī legal schools vied for dominance.[1] Merchants living under the Ibāḍī Rustamids (779-909, capital in Tāhart) and in independent Khārijī states in the western Maghrib, such as the … Continue reading Ibāḍism in the Medieval Sahel